NIN Surveying

The Dokka Delta Wetland Centre has lots of expertise within NiN surveying.

DNV has performed NiN surveing on behalf of the Norwegian Environment Agency, in partnership with NIBIO, Miljøfaglig Utredning, NINA, Asplan Viak, and the vegetation advisor Tanaquil Enzenberger. We offer NiN surveying in most areas regardless of the scope. Please get in touch if you are interested in this service.


NiN stands for Nature in Norway; it is a complete system to describe all of our nature and can be used to describe the natural conditions and variation found everywhere in our long country. The work with NiN provides us with especially important knowledge about how we can work with nature in the now and in the future.

In 2017 The Wetland Centre surveyed a large area in Ringsaker for The Norwegian Environment Agency. We also surveyed more of Hadeland in 2017.

In 2016 The Wetland Centre surveyed a large area in Hadeland on behalf of The Norwegian Environment Agency. This was a large project with ten employees involved.

In 2015 we surveyed areas of Valdres where the vegetation had previously been affected by traditional farming practices. There is still some traditional grazing in the area, but the total number of grazing animals is much lower than the years after the Second World War. In the area we surveyed we recorded many areas of precious meadows full of meadow flowers that have been preserved thanks to the continue presence of traditional farming practices

Surveying takes place whatever the weather!