Birdwatching in the Dokka Delta

The Dokka Delta nature reserve is protected primarily due to the area’s importance for migratory and nesting wetland birds. It is an important area for bird migration routes over Southern Norway and over 220 bird species have been observed in the reserve. There are three areas that have been designed for birdwatching around the Dokka Delta, the birdwatching towers at Våten and near our visitor centre at Odnes, and from the barn at the Land Museum.

The bird tower at Odnes
On the east side of the delta there is a traditional bird tower. You’ll find the tower directly west of Odnes Sag, next to the Wetland Centre’s vistor centre (Gamlevegen 84). It is in the south-eastern corner of the Dokka Delta nature reserve and has a view over a large portion of the bird reserve. It’s located a fair distance from the interior of the nature reserve, but the bird tower is ideally placed during the spring migration, next to areas of shallow water and mudbanks. Next to the bird tower you’ll find another observation point accessible from a ramp on ground level.


The stilt building at Våten
On the west side of the Dokka Delta you will discover a bird tower with a difference. From here you will be within touching distance of the bird life in the Dokka Delta. The Stilt Building is close to our field hut at Våten (Jevnakerveien 699). The Stilt Building was designed and built by local craftsmen. The timber is spruce and aspen, harvested from the local area in Etnedal and Land. The architecture is inspired by the history of log driving and the choice of the tree species was based on passed-down knowledge.


The barn at the Land Museum
On the east side of the delta, towards the north of the nature reserve, you will find a barn that has been restored by the Land Museum. This is ideally placed for birdwatching in the delta landscape. On the first floor of the barn there is a large hatch that can be opened, allowing birdwatchers to sit with a view over the delta's many islands. You will be warm and dry here whatever the weather! The entrance to the barn is along the railway track. Hire a draisine or enjoy the railway walk!

Find your way to the bird tower, stilt building or the barn using our app Outtt.