The Norwegian Environment Agency

The Norwegian Environment Agency works to maintain a pristine and rich environment. Their main responsibilities include reducing greenhouse gas emissions, the conservation of Norwegian nature and preventing pollution. The Environment Agency is the main contributor to all of our exhibitions, they contribute with project resources, they provide funding through The Sustainable Backpack, and they offer financial support for our important work controlling invasive species.


The County Governor in Oppland’s Department for the Environment

The County Governor aims to ensure that all environmental work is in line with sustainable development. Environmental conservation covers everything from land-use management and pollution to the management of fish and game. The County Governor contributes with funding for many of our projects concerned with environmental work. Together we aim to ensure that biological diversity is preserved in many areas within the county, examples of this are the maintenance of the semi-natural habitats found at Bjørnhaugmyra and Thunemyra and the surveying and restoration of semi-natural habitats.


Sparebankstiftelsen DNB

Sparebankstiftelsen DNB is an independent foundation that offers financial contributions to a wide range of causes. The foundation has contributed to the Wetland Centre’s work on several occasions. We have received binoculars, telescopes, life jackets and more as gifts from them. They have also financed our new nature experience chair at Odnesberget.


Nordre and Søndre Land Municipalities

The Dokka Delta Wetland Centre is owned by Nordre and Søndre Land municipalities. They provided us with our wetland visitor centre building in Odnes. This building is used for exhibitions and activities for the public, nature interpretation for schools, seminars and more. These two municipalities are also important partners for many of our projects, and the Wetland Centre is often able to contribute with expertise and knowledge to many of the municipalities’ projects.

Photographer Thor Østbye
Thor Østbye undertakes different types of photography work for the public sector, private stakeholders as well as his own nature-based projects. Thor Østbye's photographs are mainly of nature and the natural world. Østbye shares his entire photo archive with us at DNV. You will find his photos on our homesite, on signs, and in brochures and exhibitions. We also collaborate to produce information signs about conservation in several counties, and brochures.


Randsfjordmuseene AS
Randsfjordmussene AS is a regional centre of knowledge for cultural and natural history. The museum’s communication work, research and conservation work contribute to the preservation and renewal of the region’s identity and the development of businesses. The region covered includes the municipalities of Gausdal, Nordre Land, Søndre Land, Gran, Lunner and Jevnaker. The Wetland Centre and the museum have a close working relationship we rent offices close to the Land Museum in Dokka. We also have a joint exhibition demonstrating the biological diversity that exists in wetlands within the Land Museum. The museum is an important partner in the running of the Dokka Delta Days each year.


Dokka Secondary School

Dokka Secondary School (VGS), The Wetland Centre and the Land Museum collaborate to run the Dokka Delta Days with nature education in the Dokka Delta each May. This involves all the science students at VGS visiting the Dokka Delta to get a through introduction to the nature and cultural history of the area. The students get to fish, catch and determine insect species, and much more. The school often takes part in our seminars, and offers practical help with some of our projects.


Odnes Vel
Odnes Vel is an active residents’ association for Odnes and the surrounding area. The association contributes with volunteer days at the Wetland Centre. They provided a lot of help with volunteer work associated with the construction of our new visitor centre in Odnes, and they offer assistance for our events.


Professional partners

The Wetland Centre also has an important partnership with several different organisations. Together we can tackle large and small projects. We work together and have a good relationship with Miljøfaglig Utredning, vegetation surveyor Tanaquil Enzensberger, Asplan Viak, NINA and NIBIO.