Art in nature ‘nature experience chairs in the Dokka Delta Ecosystem’ is a part of ‘The Dokka Delta Ecosystem – wetlands in a new age’.


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Nature experience chairs in the Dokka Delta Ecosystem

With our exhibition ‘nature experience chairs in the Dokka Delta Ecosystem’ we would like to invite you to experience the diverse and varied nature that can be found along Land’s and Etnedal’s waterways. The nature experience chairs can be found in various ‘nature spaces’, from Synnfjell in the north to Randsfjorden in the south. These diverse nature spaces tell a story of nature throughout the seasons, and the relationship between humans and nature. The nature experience chairs are our wetland exhibition. We welcome the rain and the wind, the smell of mires and blossom, bubbling becks and ephemeral views, ancient creatures and the flapping of wings. Nature is always inviting and welcoming!


Art in nature or discovering human nature through the natural world

Art in nature means to use nature as an exhibition space. Art, or the expression of the human experience, can be controversial. It creates debate and it draws the curious into nature. Even people that do not have an immediate connection to the outdoors. Art can be a hiking destination that encourages people to spend more time outside and get another perspective of nature. The composition can be informative and challenge our senses. Art in nature can also be used to encourage people away from vulnerable conservation areas to nature spaces; areas that offer the same nature experience without disturbing the balance of nature. With our concept art in nature we wish to achieve an interaction between art and the nature space, rather than change the nature space for the sake of the artwork.


Nature experience chair ‘Bird's Nest’ at Stuvelien, in the north of Etnedalen, mountain nature space, with a view towards Langsua national park and Jotunheimen.



Nature experience chair 'the Boulder' at Hellefossen, the river Etna in Etnedal, river nature space.



Nature experience chair ‘Tricky’, Langhaugen in North Torpa, Nordre Land, marsh nature space.



Nature experience chair 'bench' in Dokka nature reserve, Østsinni in Nordre Land, nature space chalk woodland with orchids.



Nature experience chair ‘Windblown’ on Svartkampen, Synnfjell in Nodre Land, mountain nature space


Nature experience chair Huldreputten, just a few hundred metres from the utility pole on Skjellungskampen.

A soaring feeling is to be found at Seterhaugen, east of Trevatna in Søndre Land.

Nature experience chair ‘Ant’ at Bergstien near to Landåsbygda rehabilitation centre in Søndre Land, nature space mixed woodland.

Nature experience chair ‘bird’ can be found in the marsh nature space near Attjernet, along a path marked in connection with the historic Kings Road between Fluberg and Lausgarda.



Nature experince chair ‘Birdbox’ can be found at Synnhallia, near Vestfjellveien, close to Langsua National Park. The BirdHouse is a year round nature experience chair. The ski tracks between Spåtind Sport Hotel and Lenningen go directly past the chair.



The nature experience chair near Lundebrua, River Etna in Etnedalen.


The nature experience chair ‘Fish’ next to Lomsdalselva in Søndre Land, nature space river and freshwater pearl mussel.



The nature experience chair ‘Huginn and Muginn’, is placed next to our visitor centre at Odnes.



The nature experience chair ‘Sitting on a stone is also resting’ is at home in all of our nature spaces in the Dokka Delta Ecosystem and other places. It travels with us to exhibitions and courses.

To make it easier to find our nature experience chairs we’ve signposted along the roads and footpaths with the logo for Dokkadeltaet and a picture of a chair. Many of our nature experience chairs have a post box with a notebook to write your experiences in.


All photos Thor Østbye except Hugin og Munin.