The Dokka Delta Wetland Centre works with the conservation and management of species and habitats in Oppland. An important part of this work is preventing the spread of invasive species. Invasive species are species which are listed in the Norwegian Blacklist 2012. The surveying and control of blacklisted species in areas where they can displace native and red-listed species is especially important. The Wetland Centre has developed considerable expertise in the control of invasive species. Our employees are certified to use pesticides and har the necessary experience. We only use pesticides in areas where it is absolutely necessary as they can have negative effects for the wider environment. The Wetland Centre also performs manual cutting, weeding and root destruction. We are well experienced in the control of Himalayan balsam, giant hogweed and large-leaved lupine. In the years 2014-2016 we performed the control of Himalayan balsam in three nature reserves in Oppland. We also conducted a project to remove giant hogweed in an area with a population of the native plant species Dracocephalum ruyschiana during the same period.


Our projects controlling invasive species have included:

  • Surveying for invasive species.
  • Control attempt for giant hogweed.
  • Control attempt for broad-leaved lupin.
  • Control of Himalayan balsam.
Controlling Himalayan balsam. Photo: Magnus Nygård