Making conservation areas and other areas of nature accessible and informative needs to be done with careful consideration and must not be to the detriment of the areas involved. The Wetland Centre has invested a lot of work in making nature areas accessible to the public and providing information about the interesting features and characteristics that can be found there, whilst encouraging people to use trails to reduce disturbance.


To develop the signs, information points and brochures we have used the computer programme InDesign and we have experience of the new branding and visitor strategy of the Norwegian Environment Agency.

A conservation area sign for Odnesberget nature reserve. Produced by Thor Østbye, Geir Høitomt and Tonje Berland together with the County Governor for Oppland.

DNV also has lots of experience with developing and creating sustainable activities, focusing on specific habitats and species, within and around conservation areas. Every year we arrange an orchid walk on an old traditionally managed mire (Bjørnhaugmyra). Please contact us if you would like us to arrange a guided tour.


We have a large photo database of species, habitats, conservation areas and other areas of nature found in Oppland. In addition to this we have a close relationship with photographer Thor Østbye, who has photographed all the conservation areas in Oppland and owns a large photo database of species.


Some of our projects:
From the town of Dokka you will find a 3km long wheelchair-accessible public footpath that leads to the northern end of the Dokka Delta. DNV has produced signposts and information signs along the path, and you will also be able to find spots to rest, lean-to shelters, and a wheelchair-accessible fishing spot.


Sign with information about the various fish species that live in Randsfjorden.

DNV has put up several information signs along the old railway track from Dokka to the visitor centre at Odnes (ca. 7km). These signs contain information about cultural landmarks and the nature that can be found in the area. One of the signs is about traditional agricultural meadows and can be found near a barn in the Dokka Delta.


The nature experience chairs in the Dokka Delta Ecosystem is our art in nature exhibition and serve as ten destinations for walks along the water courses in Land and Etnedal. The nature experience chairs are in different ‘nature spaces’ associated with wetlands, and each has an information sign. It is an hour’s walk to reach some of the chairs, whilst others are more easily accessible.

Photo: Thor Østbte


You will find an information sign about the freshwater pearl mussel that DNV has produced close to Fallselva in Søndre Land. Besides the information sign about the pearl mussel you will also find a firepit, benches and a specially constructed dock where you can walk out into the river and see the river mussels. DNV has contributed to the development of a longer culture and nature trail along Fallselva (with information signs and resting spots) in the same area.

Photo: Thor Østbye