This can include population monitoring of one or more species within a defined area or monitoring and surveying larger areas. Examples of monitoring and surveying that we have undertaken include the monitoring of horned grebes in Gjøvik Municipality, the monitoring of migratory birds in the Dokka Delta nature reserve, the surveying of the distribution of common minnows in Oppland and a study of the hare population in Veståsen in Nordre and Søndre Land.

Monitoring is normally conducted by registering species in the field, using camera traps, the collection of observations and searching databases. The Wetland Centre has a large network of contacts who help us with the collection of data.

For more information about some of our earlier projects and rapports please our archive.


Some of our earlier/current projects.


  • Freshwater pearl mussel.
  • Dracocephalum ruyschiana.
  • Otters.
  • Noble crayfish.
  • Cicindela maritima.
  • Meligethes norvegicus.